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A path towards truth and justice

Who We are

We are the mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers of those kidnapped by ISIS. We are families waiting for news.

Our Vision

Truth and justice for those abducted by ISIS and their families.

Our Mission

Enabling the families of the abductees in ISIS’s prisons to play their natural role in building the path of their case towards truth and justice.

Our Goals

We work to unify the vision of families whose loved ones have been taken away by ISIS to build the case of our absent loved ones; a political, juridical and humanitarian case.

We work with other victims associations in Syria to reach a transitional justice period that guarantees the end of those kidnappings and terminates the policies of impunity.

We work to hold accountable those who are responsible for the tragedy of our loved ones.

We work to unveil the fate of all missing persons.

Our Values

We are women and men who believe in the values of good and justice as the base for any human effort.

We believe in the good will as our stepping stone and we assume it in others.

We believe in the hard and transparent work as practice and want it in others.

We work for all our absentees with the guidance of the base principle of humanity and what people agreed upon of treaties for the good and better of all humans.

We also work for our absentees but also all absentees, we work as if our absentees are all absentees in all time and place.

We are guided in our vision and work by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all that resulted from it and connected to it of treaties and pacts.
And we base our vision and work for our missing ones on the right to truth, reparations and accountability.
We create by what we believe and what we do a path that opens the way for a truth we deserve to
learn and paves the way for a justice our loved ones deserve. A path that liberates them from
oblivion and denial and liberates us from injustice and complacency.